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A Los Angeles woman gets a fresh taste of DC's lesbian nightlife. She is hesitant to embrace the culture at first, but DC has a way of winning over new residents.

Nicole Stevens finishes her sophomore year with high marks despite losing her mother to cancer early in the year.


A single gunshot welcomes her arrival home. She finds her father, overcome by debt and grief, lying dead on the floor.

Thrust into the unforgiving world that accompanies being a ward of the state, Nicole tries to salvage as much of her old life as she can. 


The future seems hopeless until Karen Wilson, a new teacher, stumbles into her life. Will Karen's compassion be enough to pull Nicole up the high road and save her from a harsher reality?

Book trailers for "In The Mirror," a novel by Odessa Rose

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A drug dealer receives a suicide note from one of his clients.